Faith Johnson Crumbly is a published author and composer.  For 20 years, she produced monthly and quarterly publications as an editorial administrator for an American publishing house. By invitation, she wrote many articles published in devotional books for women and children.

Many opportunities took Faith by surprise. The solos she wrote for children and adults were initially devoted to teaching and encouraging her own family as well as to complementing her own plays. But they spread far from the home circle. This interest led her to write a choral piece for children. By assignment from her denomination’s administration, Faith wrote a theme song used in a worldwide convocation. By request, she sang a solo in Leeds Castle while in England on editorial assignment.

Prepared at her mother’s knee, Faith has been on stage since reciting poetry as a preschool Bible class student in her home church. Her writing (actually printing) poems and short stories, flourished under her mother’s warm response to them. Faith began writing and directing plays and programs for church and community events while in her freshman year of high school. She earned a degree in Communication with emphases in writing and public relations followed by doing advanced study in Education. This work brought new opportunities, challenges, ministry partners, and projects.

Founding the Christian Storytelling Café drama troupe in Hagerstown, MD, in December 2012, Faith says was an answer to prayer to develop a personal ministry.  One of the troupe’s last performances before Faith moved to Georgia in 2015 was, by invitation, to present a 21st century drama on the stage of the Maryland Theatre.  Again, in response to her prayers to be of service, Faith founded the TAPESTRY Christian Storytelling Alliance drama troupe in June 2017 in Atlanta and founded TAPESTRY Kidz in December of that year.

Faith says, “I am naturally an introvert who simply has tried the Lord and found Him to be true to His Word.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, as He leads me in service for His glory. My greatest success is giving back, helping others know that Philippians 4:13 is also their personal call and strength for Christian service.”

Our Goals

As Christians united in friendship evangelism, to give a minimum of four new productions each year at churches, schools, for other organizations, and in a variety of venues.

Our Process

  • VIVIDLY portraying the love of God as lived by His Son, Jesus Christ with a multi-denominational, multicultural cast.
  • CREDIBLY upholding Christ in all of His glory, through biblical drama and by applying Bible-based solutions to 21st century challenges.
  • CONSISTENTLY sparking and fueling an interest in adults and young adults in the Word of God as the handbook for life and salvation for themselves, their children or other family members, their circles of influence, and their neighbors.
  • SACRIFICIALLY financing the ministry by troupe members’ personal investment and the donations of hosts and others committed to drama outreach.


Faith Johnson Crumbly

Betty Jackson

Theresa Parker

Heather Powell-Gartrell

David Braswell




Francine Long

Allyson Dozier


“A Story to Tell” was fantastic!  I’ve never seen a play where the characters reflected such deep Bible research. I learned a lot about the Bible! I also raise my hands for the children’s performance!”

Toni Harris

“I think that using drama to spread the good news about Jesus Christ is a great idea! I think that everybody needs to know about Jesus.”

Virginia Murin

“Based on what I have seen tonight, I predict a bright future for TAPESTRY Christian Storytelling Alliance. I am looking forward to attending the next performance.”

Herbert Smith